Woman with phone.

You do not have to make them wrong, for you to be right

Such a common dilemma these days.  30 seconds of scrolling social media and you will see someone posting an explosive “truth” toward the opposing view of their belief.  In any...
September 25, 2023 — Denise K Evans
Woman in bed.

When You Are Struck With A Bad Mood...

It does not matter how spiritual you aspire to be, a bad mood can find you.  It does not help to pretend you are not in a bad mood when...
August 21, 2023 — Denise K Evans
Image of a frustrated woman.

Feeling At Your Breaking Point?

 When the stress of a situation, or the cumulative stress of your life has you feeling like you cannot handle much more, it is not uncommon to hold tightly, or...
July 24, 2023 — Denise K Evans
Unveiling Zen in High Heels

Unveiling Zen in High Heels

You might think with the unveiling of such a task as writing a book, and all that goes into it, that there would be a long list of people to...
June 26, 2023 — Denise K Evans
Image of a group of friends sitting next to building.

Stating the Truth of Who You Are

You and I are the same.  I’ve written these affirmations for us.  Say them, claim them, or if you are so inclined, write your own!  Namaste. I am strong. I...
May 30, 2023 — Denise K Evans
Image of a woman doing a yoga pose.

Is Yoga a necessary part of spiritual growth in the 21st Century?

If you have made a commitment to personal and spiritual growth, and you are searching for ways to support that growth, you may have heard yoga touted as one viable...
April 26, 2023 — Denise K Evans