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A Note from the Author

I am You.

We are very much the same. My hopes and dreams for my life, and for my family, and for the world are probably very much like yours. True peace seems nowhere to be found in our increasingly complicated, busy world, and in our equally busy, complicated personal lives. I wrote this book as a bridge, a bridge for you to find your way between how you aspire for your life to be and the reality you are living: dissatisfaction, difficult relationships, stress and anxiety, and maybe even feeling out of control.

You will not find a 'rah, rah you can do it!' pump-you-up message in these pages. Although I DO believe you can do it, and I'm totally here cheering you on. Rather, the chapters will ask you to dig deeper, to uncover your truest, most authentic path. And, amazingly enough, the spiritual and life principles involved in your process of evolution, do not require you to sell your belongings and to give up pleasurable material aspects of your life!

Keep those heels high if you want to!

It is my hope that you finish Zen in High Heels with more clarity and more inspiration than you've ever had regarding your life and your path forward. Your life holds the possibility of all the experiences and expression your heart desires. This is true. Struggling and suffering and tolerating and barely existing can be things of the past. Take the journey with me, and find your way.

Love Denise

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