It does not matter how spiritual you aspire to be, a bad mood can find you.  It does not help to pretend you are not in a bad mood when it happens, or it does not matter what predicated the mood, in the words of Jack Canfield, that’s just called, “SO WHAT”.  

If you have the self awareness to not just be grumpy and pissy with people, but to recognize that you are in the mood, and want to turn that around, or minimize the depth with which takes hold of you for that day, you’ll want some tips!

Tip #1:  Acknowledge you are in a bad mood, and be grateful anyway.  Stop and think of 3 things you are grateful for in this moment, things that are going right in your life right now, and give a few minutes of grateful attention to each.  Sometimes this is enough to take the edge off the bad mood, and give yourself some perspective.  This can help!

Tip #2:  Identify the bad feelings specifically.  Are you feeling tired?  Angry?  Frustrated?  Lonely?  Rather than a general term, I feel like shit.  Be specific with yourself.  Awareness is the key to ANY problem in life, even our bad moods!  Now identify if there is something specific you can do about it?  Get outside and spend a little time in fresh air and sunlight? Cut back on sugar today?  Go to bed early tonight?

Tip #3:  Identify if this is acute, you just woke up feeling this way?  It could be hormone shift?  The thunderstorm kept you awake last night?  Just realizing it is acute, (sudden and unusual) and thus will not linger, sometimes gives us a better perspective as well.  No need to wallow in this, let’s just get about our day and focus on those items of gratitude and tomorrow will probably be much better.  Maybe make time for a hot bath. OR, identify for yourself if this is a cumulative or on-going problem causing your bad mood, something that needs addressing?  Do you need to talk to your boss?  Or partner with an issue?  Is it time to schedule a therapy session? Do you need to clean up your diet?  Do you need to get back to the gym?  Is it time to visit your doctor and get blood work?  Take supplements that support you?  

Identify if this is a mood attached to a larger issue that is trying to get your attention.  If this is the case, acknowledging it will begin to open up possibilities for resolution.  Find and book that appointment with a therapist.  Find a workout buddy who has a similar schedule and mission.  Buy AND cook vegetables.  Write it out in your journal:  this issue and your thoughts and feelings about it.  Take some time out for yourself to think about what you need, or what needs to be different.

The awareness and attention you bring to what is really calling your attention –via the Bad Mood Express– puts you on a path of growth and resolution.  You can get through the day and push it back under the rug again.  You can.  But it will wait for you.  The bad mood will return, looking for resolution, calling you to rise up for your life, or only to be experienced and then disregarded or numbed away again.  Food, alcohol, tv, shopping.  Whatever it is you do to distract from the work that is waiting for you!

Tip #4:  Ask yourself in the midst of a bad mood day, How would I rather feel?  This exercise works well especially for acute moodiness.  Acknowledge, I am feeling tired, uninspired.  Then, how would you rather feel?  I would rather feel energized, bursting with inspiration.  Now, use that as your mantra for the day.  I am energized, bursting with inspiration.  Say it to yourself as often as you can.  The brain is listening to you.  This is another quick exercise, like gratitude, that can take the edge off the bad mood and make the day feel better.  You might be surprised.  Just try these tips next time you are looking for a bad mood escape hatch!  Good luck.   

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August 21, 2023 — Denise K Evans