You might think with the unveiling of such a task as writing a book, and all that goes into it, that there would be a long list of people to thank. There is, but today I would mostly like to thank my authentic Self: the deepest, truest part of me who saw the need to write and publish this book.  

I thank her for all her years of faithfulness, as she continued to knock on my consciousness about her desire to manifest Zen in High Heels into the world.  While other things and people in my life took center stage for years, I thank her for patiently waiting as I took the long and winding road to get back to her.  

Zen in High Heels, the title, and the book idea came to me many, many years ago.  I would write a paragraph, or a page, and tuck it away until time permitted me to come back to it.  Usually months would pass, sometimes, even years before I would pick it up again.  But the pages remained, neatly in a folder until the next time I would re-engage.  I weaved around from subject to subject while Zen in High Heels led me to what it wanted to be. As with any creative process, it unfolded as I made myself available to bring it to life.  I did not know how long it would take (the 15+ years that it did take) or even longer, I only knew that I would keep coming back to it until it was finished. I learned if you don’t give up on it, (the dream or the project,) IT WILL NOT GIVE UP ON YOU.   

If you have a secret desire on the back burner of your heart, please do not lose hope that someday, some way, it has the possibility of coming to fruition. 

As I release the work of my heart and my soul to you, may the words or messages that need to find you, settle deep in the places of your heart and your soul that are ready for them, and offer you hope, encouragement, understanding and clarity.  The light that is in me sees and acknowledges the light that is in you.  You are not alone.  Hang on to the FABULOUSNESS that is you, and expand and grow in ways your life is calling for expansion and growth.

Love, Denise

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June 26, 2023 — Denise K Evans