When the stress of a situation, or the cumulative stress of your life has you feeling like you cannot handle much more, it is not uncommon to hold tightly, or hold our breath in preparation for the next blow, or in hopes you do not lose your grip.

A breaking point can be a sacred place in our personal evolution.  We can use it to break down walls that are no longer necessary, that are no longer serving us.  We can use it to break through.  Break through to the next level of understanding.  Of understanding life, and as importantly, understanding better ourselves.  Break through old outdated barriers.

Break open.  A breaking point can be the catalyst to breaking open our vulnerability: understanding (and finally accepting) that you are indeed, only human.  Break open the steel, concrete superglued box holding your deepest emotions.  Let them pour out.  Give them permission– perhaps for the first time ever,-- to be seen, felt and expressed.

As a well known quote in the spiritual community says, The cracks are where the light comes in.  Let the light in.  Release your grip.  See what needs to fall away, or even fall apart in order for a more free, more authentic version of you to move forward.

A breaking point is an indicator.  If you could look in the mirror, and see a dashboard, not unlike that of your car, you would see the indicator light flashing red to get your attention.  An overload is occurring.  Something needs tending to, fixed, oiled, rested, replaced.  You say “I cannot rest at this time”.  Then ask for help.  Allow others, family and friends, or professionals to assist you in getting through this time.  You handling your business from this almost broken state does not serve the best and highest good in any way. Maybe this is the time to see a therapist to help you understand what is happening, and how you got here.    

A breaking point can be the time to break ground on a new way of operating.  Break ground so as to lay a better, more stable foundation in which to move forward.  

A breaking point is an indicator.  The best thing you can do, is to be open (even more open than feels comfortable) to what needs to change.  Be open to the messages this breaking point is offering to you, about you.  A breaking point is a sacred time in your growth and evolution.  Look at it as such, and watch as your life blossoms in ways you have yet to imagine for yourself!  YOU GOT THIS.

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July 24, 2023 — Denise K Evans