Denise K. Evans

She had all the trappings of the American dream: the education, financial success, material abundance, but remained unfulfilled. She knew there had to be MORE to life. Denise went from longing for inner peace, to finding it and has a passion to share how she finally got the barrage of spiritual and personal growth information to make sense, and stick in her own life. In addition to her life consulting practice and her MBA, Denise K. Evans is YOU. She is a mom, writer and speaker who has a love for travel and fitness.

Denise was an NFL cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs for 2 years, She holds three national championship titles in ballroom dance, and she has a small fluffy black yorkie poo that she loves very much named MONKEE!

Zen in High Heels ™

Denise k.Evans

Keynote Speaker, Podcast Guest

Motivation, inspiration, Education

What clients have to say:

"Denise did some energy work for me. I had been struggling with an issue, and after our session, I felt so much calmer! I was able to assess the issue more clearly, making it easier to make a wise decision! Very valuable! "
— Carol C.
"I've been going to Denise on and off for years. She knows how to make what she has put into words happen in your own life! She has brought me around many times and shown me that the light at the end of the tunnel I am looking down is not just another train coming for me! She teaches how to turn what seems like weakness and emotional turmoil into strength. My life has been changed for the better because of her extraordinary work."
— Linda L.
"I have had the privilege to work with Denise during the past year. She has helped me tremendously with my emotional healing journey which has greatly improved my life. Denise Evans is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and professional coach. We can all benefit from her work."
— Karen D.